Unity through Diversity

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Unity through Diversity an expression which has been in use for thousands of years and in essence, can be seen to imply the working together of all aspects of a community without losing the special personality and beliefs of the individual projects and people involved.

The concept implies that whilst we can acknowledge diverse beliefs and practices can present complex and difficult challenges creating chasms that are difficult to bridge, rather than focus on discordant differences, we can choose to create ‘living spaces’ where acceptance, understanding and co-existence can be found, demonstrating how together, we can live well, whilst remaining different.

Below are some examples of how people in Glastonbury interpret Unity through Diversity. If you would like contribute your own impressions, please contact the Managing Editor.

Building bridges between diverse beliefs is essential if we want to live in a community that has great social cohesion. It doesn’t have to mean we have to all become one homogenised blob of humanity, but it CAN mean that we can respect each other, even if we don’t agree. We can also take our acceptance one step further, by proactively encouraging and supporting people of good heart and intention on their own path through life. We know only too well that there is widespread agreement that bridge building can be successful in reducing prejudice and hostility between different groups and in helping people to live peacefully alongside each other.
Morgana West