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A definition of a project can be said to be:
An individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim

As well as one-off projects that have achieved a particular aim, within Glastopedia we are including endeavours that have been started and may well have been running for many years, but have not yet reached full long-term sustainability. Ventures that are established and sustainable might be listed here but are also cross-referenced in our Organisations and Centres sections.

What is interesting about projects, as they are experienced here, is that they may be started with one particular objective and taken forward by a group that initiates the project. Often, as the project develops, it is seen to have a slightly different purpose to that originally envisaged and over a period of time the true the true long-term sustainable role begins to emerge and it finds its place as an established part of the Centre that is Glastonbury.

There are usually some exciting projects afoot in Glastonbury and we hope you will enjoy finding out more about them. Below is a list of the pages that have been set up on this part of the site relevant to projects. Also included are historic projects that are worth remembering as part of the town's story.

The links that are coloured blue have a page (complete with content) associated with them, while the links that do not yet have a page connected with them are coloured red. Please read Contributing to find out more.

Glastonbury's Past and Present Projects