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Healing in Glastonbury

The Flow Form in Chalice Well Gardens

Glastonbury is a very watery place and our ancestors believed that where water naturally bubbled to the surface, significant healing properties were contained within the life-giving force of nature.

Healing is said to be synonymous with Glastonbury. In legend we see details of Druidical colleges offering teaching and healing and tales of the mortally wounded King Arthur being ferried to the Isle of Avalon to heal his wounds. Geoffrey of Monmouth asserted that Arthur "was mortally wounded" at Camlann but was then carried "to the Isle of Avallon (insulam Auallonis) to be cured of his wounds", to return once again.

In historical times the Abbey offered spiritual healing in the form of letters of indulgence and had its own apothecaries to offer healing and medicines to the local populace.

In 1751, ‘miracles’ occurred from the waters of the Glastonbury Spa on Magdalene Street and the healing properties of the waters of Chalice Well have been documented over many years. The Spa has long since disappeared but Chalice Well continues to be a centre of healing and the red waters of the spring are considered to have unique healing powers - opposite is the White Spring which is also held to be a curative spring.

Glastonbury of today has a world-wide reputation for healing which is offered by a diverse collection of practitioners, embracing everything from distant spiritual healing to practical hands-on osteopathy and allopathic medicine. There are two excellent NHS surgeries in the town and there is a multiplicity of centres, therapists and healers offering a wide range of services. Many healing events are offered throughout the year in a variety of venues. These offer opportunities for individuals to find out what is on offer and to decide what might be most suitable for them.

There are said to be at least 300 healers and therapists in the town; there may even be as many as 500. One might wonder why so many are needed in a town with a population of only 10,000, but this town is visited by pilgrims from far and wide and offers the visitor a range of complementary services. Having such a wide selection means that the individual is able to find exactly the healing or therapy that suits their particular needs. This is all part of the concept of Unity through Diversity.

Full information on current local therapists is given in Glastonbury Therapists’ Forum, a community project run by Glaston Centre, with up to date listings of therapists and readers and providing an easy access point for visitors and residents. This listing can be found on the town portal website, Glastonbury Online.

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