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The Glastonbury Experience


Welcome to our site

Our Purpose

Glastonbury is both a Somerset market town and a unique and sacred place that has potentially a role of spiritual significance to play in relation to both the British Isles and the planet as a whole.

The purpose of this site is to build up a record of the people and projects that have contributed, over the years, to the growth of Glastonbury.

Part of the project is to record details of people who have recently contributed to various activities. An objective is to capture and record this information while there is still the opportunity to contact have people with personal experience of the event.

A useful by-product of the site will be for it to give an insight into the way in which spiritual inspiration can be applied to practical material projects.

The site aims to give a broad perspective to those already working here and act as a useful introduction to new arrivals.

Using the Site

There is a search facility on each page that enables specific items to be found.

We have also set up the index shown below where pages already on the site may be readily found.

The Landscape The History Myths and Legends Glastonbury's Purpose?
Pilgrimage The People, Past and Present Organisations and Centres Buildings
Education Arts Projects Healing
Concepts and Ideas Spiritual Paths Shops and Businesses Events

Throughout this site, links coloured blue have a page complete with content associated with them, links coloured red do not yet have a completed page connected.


The People, Past and Present slot of the index above, has a time line attached so that you may look up people prominent at a specific time.


We are building this site with a record of Glastonbury, past, present and indeed future. This is a town that is growing and developing and how it is perceived changes with every era. We think it is worth trying to capture how the town was seen by people in their time of occupation. We therefore give the dates when articles were written and contributed on the clear understanding that life moves on and the town as seen today may well look completely different to how it appeared when the article was written. 

As the Buddha says – ‘all is change - nothing remains the same for an instant’.

Content comes in two forms:

1. Articles contributed by individuals - these are shown with their date and the name of the contributor. 

2. Articles contributed by ourselves, Glastopedia - these are listed with our name, when they were last up- dated, and details of the sources.

Contact, Developing the site, Contributing, and Support

These pages are also listed on the left of this page for further information.

Quoting Glastopedia

This site is intended to be a useful resource available to everyone, and whilst the articles are copyrighted, they may be quoted freely provided that Glastopedia is acknowledged as the source.