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Welcome to our site that is still in the early stages of development. Glastopedia is dedicated to building an encyclopedia of information, which is not easily found, on the place, its activities and the people that have been significant in the formation and development of the spiritual, esoteric cultural background of Glastonbury. Its aim is to build a valuable resource, available to future generations. Similar to Wikipedia, Glastopedia is an actively evolving site with an internal search system.

When first introduced to Glastonbury it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the multiplicity and apparent incoherence and chaos of all that is going on in the place. But in fact there is a pattern to it all even though this is not immediately apparent. In exploring the town, it is helpful to carry the idea that at a nonspecific level there is an integrated whole to the place - in effect a multitude of different activities but each carrying out a relevant part in a larger project.

Holding this broader idea when exploring the town will help to avoid concentrating on one particular aspect and thinking that this is the most important. Whatever the aspect is, it has a real value but is part of something larger.

Trying to account for all the aspects in one section is likely to add to the possibilities of confusion. On this home page, we have set up separate subheadings covering different facets of the place. A good starting point may be to focus on a facet that particularly appeals to you, then follow the links found in that section and from there begin to explore further. The links that are coloured blue have a page (complete with content) associated with them, while the links that do not yet have a page connected with them are coloured red.

We hope you enjoy exploring further the amazing abundance of inspiring activities to be found in and around this place. If you would like to know something that is missing or would like to contribute to the site, please contact the Managing Editor – Morgana West

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