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Since records began, Glastonbury has been known as a place of learning. In the Middle Ages, Glastonbury Abbey was acknowledged as a powerful centre of academic and spiritual activity with a great library, a school and links with the universities and political power in London. With the dissolution of the monasteries and the closing of the Abbey all this activity ceased. In the early part of the 20th Century, interest in Glastonbury as a special spiritual place revived and well-known personalities such as Dion Fortune and Rutland Boughton established themselves in the town. The war disrupted these activities but the 1980’s saw a renewed interest in Glastonbury as a spiritual place and a centre of learning.

Since the summer of 2011, Glastonbury Pilgrim Reception Centre offered a wide and varied programme of talks and presentations on a Glastonbury theme, affording those in attendance the opportunity to explore aspects of the spiritual journey and the inner mysteries.

Managed and run by Glaston Centre, The School of Learning grew out of those talks. Seen as running on the principles of the great Library of Alexandria, it brings together different fields of beliefs, disciplines and experiences, for the benefit of mutual exploration, learning, and growth.

Academic Research

Glastonbury has emerged as an example par excellence of a contemporary pilgrimage centre , with traditional and new forms of religion, goods and services producing a distinctive economy and pilgrimage experience. Many universities send under-graduates to Glastonbury to gain experience of contemporary spirituality and post-graduates to carry out research projects. Other areas of research include Tourism & Hospitality, Anthropology, Archaeology and History.

In 2011, The Glastonbury Academic Symposium, was organised with the object to explore various issues arising from the concept of research work in Glastonbury. Glaston Centre School of Learning has assisted many researchers in their projects in the town and continues to work with a number of universities and individual students.

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