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In 2007, a group of passionate and interested people came together to explore the formation of a centre that could offer support to visitors from all over the world, interested in the unique and diverse aspects of Glastonbury. Elisabeth Tham, Ingelise Jensen, Morgana West, Pauline Ross, Jane Sanders set up a formally constituted Association and Glastonbury Pilgrim Reception Centre first opened its doors to the public at 1a Church Lane in 2008, its ethos to pro-actively support people of good heart and intentions from all faiths, beliefs and backgrounds. In 2009 it moved to a location at 10b High Street and relocated on 2015 to share premises with the [Library of Avalon]] in the rear courtyard of the Glastonbury Experience complex.

In due course, the work of the centre identified that not only was it supporting visitors but also resident pilgrims and responded by adapting its services accordingly. Over time, the faith and beliefs communities, plus the civic and secular communities began to recognise that this organisation was a valuable and much-needed link between the diverse individuals and organisations within the town.

In 2011, due to rapidly growing expansion, a new not-for-profit Company Limited by Guarantee, known as The Glaston Centre Ltd (GCL) was set up to take over the existing Association.


GCL continues the work of the Reception Centre in its premises at 10B High Street. Recently, the activities of GCL have started to expand in a significant manner and it is now involved in academic research, teaching, information, support, networking and bridge-building. In all of these activities it is the aim of GCL to work in harmony and cooperation with others providing similar services in Glastonbury - to offer services that are complementary to those being offered, and to avoid unnecessary competition and conflict of interest.

The increasing range of services offered has meant that it is no longer possible to run these out of the Reception Centre and new offices have been established at 8 Market Place where the administration and supervision of all GCL activities is handled. These premises are part of the Glastonbury Experience complex and this means that GCL is able to have a close working relationship with the Glastonbury Trust and the other charitable activities based in these buildings.

Funding - GCL, as a not-for-profit organisation, is supported by a combination of income from sales, in its shop in the Reception Centre and online, from events organised, from administrative support delivered to various activities and from donations and funding from private individuals and institutions.


The current directors of GCL are; John Capper, Morgana West, Shoshana Dennis

GCL Projects

2007 - present
Glastonbury Therapists’ Forum

2008 - present
Glastonbury Pilgrim Reception Centre

2008 - present
Faiths & Paths in Glastonbury

2010 - present
The Glastonbury Unity Candle

The Glastonbury Academic Symposium

Glastonbury 2012 – A Celebration of Harmony and Healing

2012 – present
Unity through Diversity

The Glastonbury Peace Pole

2013 - present
Glaston Centre School of Learning

Avalon Anthem

2015 - present
The Research Project

2015 – present

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