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David Prince

Early Life and Education

David John Prince was born on 23rd November 1965 in Winchester hospital, spending his earliest years in Basingstoke, Hampshire. His family moved to Yatton, near Bristol, when he was aged four and he spent all of his growing up years there. His education was spent at Backwell Comprehensive School, followed by a year at Western Super-Mare Technical College, leaving with a couple of A-Levels in English Literature and Psychology.

Career in the conventional world

During the latter part of the eighties he worked as a gardener and decorator for Avon County Age Concern and then, in the early nineties worked for a publishing company located in Totnes, Devon, using a computer to produce advertising material and also carrying out some editing of a book.

He then, after relocating to Bristol, proceeded to carry out a number of temping assignments of an administrative and IT nature for businesses in the area. This was throughout the rest of the nineties and into the new century. Most noticeable of these were a couple of IT based roles, one of them supporting a tax self-assessment software program, even rewriting parts of it in Visual Basic 6 programming language (which he had learnt by then), and also helping to run an IT network for an electrical firm near Bath.

Later he, for a while, worked for RBS in Coutts Investments, generating statements for accounts held by some of the wealthy and famous, and then followed this by working at the other end of the financial spectrum, employed by the Official Receiver, dealing daily with a case load of insolvencies. This was before he was made redundant back in 2010, having already relocated to Glastonbury.

Awakening Spirituality

He started to become drawn to oriental forms of spirituality and meditation, especially Tibetan/Mahayana Buddhism and Jewish mysticism, while still in his late teens, studying all that he could on these vast subjects. This lead to him for a while becoming involved with Vajradhatu, headed by the Tantric Buddhist Master Chogyam Trungpa until the latter’s decease in the late eighties.[1]In 1990 he met a spiritual teacher named Christopher Orchard who had a profound and challenging impact on his life; he was a follower of this teacher for a full ten years, moving with him from Devon to Bristol.

He has latterly, since 2008, been a follower of a spiritual teacher named Michael Barnett and spent a month in September 2011 living and working at his community just outside Freiberg, Germany. Also, while there, he was introduced to Hindu Astrology (often referred to as Jyotish) which he has been studying ever since. He already, for several years, had developed a keen interest in Western Astrology and Jungian Psychology.

Coming to Glastonbury

Growing up in a Somerset town, Yatton, situated fairly near to Glastonbury, he would frequently cycle to Glastonbury for an afternoon’s visit. Also, while living in Bristol, he would sometimes catch the 376 bus out of town to visit Glastonbury for the day. So the place has always exerted a pull for him. But what really drew him there was a relationship he formed with a woman, a long-term resident of Glastonbury, who he met in the context of the spiritual work with Michael Barnett, the head of the Wild Goose organisation.

Work/projects in Glastonbury

Soon after being made redundant from the Insolvency Service, in April 2011, he helped develop a web-site for a company in Bath, whose purpose was training software development professionals. This involved writing code in Microsoft based programming languages that was then uploaded onto the web-site. After this ended he then pursued some training at Strode College, until July 2013 when he became a volunteer for The Library of Avalon. He soon saw an opportunity to utilize his database/programming skills by exporting their database of around 17,000 books into a new mysql database and then promptly wrote a programme in php language to serve as the front-end. This they have used ever since. This has then lead to some paid database development work for local entrepreneur and publisher, John Martineau, on one of his projects, and then most recently, to working in a technical capacity on this Glastopedia project for Glaston Centre.

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