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The roots of creativity artistic activity in Glastonbury can be said to go back to the days of the Abbey when the monks were copying and illustrating ancient books and manuscripts. They were also decorating the abbey buildings themselves with paintings and murals. All great churches were brilliantly gilded and lavishly painted with medieval symbolism, reinforcing the idea that the church was an earthly embodiment of heaven.

With the dissolution of the monasteries, records of artistic activity largely disappear but we do know that in 1551 Flemish weavers were brought to Glastonbury and settled in the Abbott's Kitchen in the Abbey grounds – by then the only complete building remaining.

A 21st century wall mural in Glastonbury

During the 20th century there was a steady increase in the number of artists, authors, painters arriving in the town. Today the creative arts are flourishing. The shops in the High Street are brightly coloured, murals are starting to appear on buildings, the Red Brick Building has become a centre for local artists, and there are various galleries and training courses in the town.

Below we list creative events and projects that have contributed to the Glastonbury culture. The links that are coloured blue have a page (complete with content) associated with them, while the links that do not yet have a page connected with them are coloured red. Where there is no content, or links, you are invited to contribute copy for this site. Please read Contributing to find out more.

Previous Years

Please note that on the pages listed in this section as they deal with past years the contact details have been omitted, because they are likely to not be relevant in the current time.

Arts in Glastonbury 2006

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