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In 1987, Helene Koppejan purchased 8 Market Place to add to her other properties in The Glastonbury Experience (GE). This property, located in the rear courtyard of the GE, consisted of two shops in Market Place, the rooms above and two rooms behind including the rooms above them. One of the rooms in the back courtyard was a kitchen but the other was an attractive stone walled space with an ancient fireplace. This was offered, at no rent, to a new group of volunteers who established the Bridget Chapel - a non-denominational space open to all and used for quiet contemplation. It was cared for by a small group, the principal being Liz Beech.

As is so often the case in Glastonbury, the original enthusiasm began to die down and eventually, whilst the chapel was kept open, for much of the time there were no volunteers present. It gradually became a hang-out for travellers, cannabis smokers and indifferent music makers; this became unacceptable to the other shopkeepers in the GE and the chapel was closed.

In January 2002, the two rooms, now opened up to make one space, became the new home of The Library of Avalon, which had previously occupied what is now The Glastonbury Goddess Temple.

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Bridget Chapel    BT 6-Jul-14/MW 9-Jul-15/CW 9-Jul-15