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Born: Willem Ary Koppejan 19/08/1913, in Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Married: Helene Koppejan 03/04/1970
Died: 20/05/1979 in Glastonbury

Dutch astrologer, the author of "Willem Koppejan's Astrological Archives - International and Nederland & Vlaanderen," published in 1996. With interests in religion and astrology, he was a writer and teacher, an astrological researcher and lecturer whose venues included the Astrological Association in England.

Willem studied medicine at the University of Leiden and had an active medical practice. Entering the field of astrology, he did horoscopes since 1924 and conducted his astrological practice in The Hague from 1945 till 1960, when he started publishing privately. From 1959, Willem had a joint astro-psychological practice in The Hague with his wife Dr. Helene W. van Woelderen, later known as Helene Koppejan, whom he married in 1970. In 1977, they moved to Glastonbury, England.

He became mainly known for his research into the symbols and degrees of the zodiac, combining the Sabian symbols of Marc Edmund Jones[1]and Dane Rudhyar[1] with the degree symbols of the French Janduz (Madame J. Duzea). Willem met Dane_Rudhyar in 1960 during his first visit to the U.S. with Helene, which later resulted in the publication by Carolus Verhulst of Servire of nine of Rudhyar's books in English as well as some lectures. Willem wrote "The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac" in Dutch in 1956, which was later rewritten by his wife Helene in English with Niek Scheps as "The Zodiac Image Handbook" in three volumes, including his vision on Grail Astrology and published in 1990. The Dutch translation by Willem van Panhuys "Beeldgids van de dierenriem" in three volumes was published in 1991. Most of Willem's library on astrology and esoteric subjects is on loan to the Library of Avalon in the Glastonbury Experience, a complex of buildings with spiritual activities, started and financed by Willem and Helene in 1978.

He died on 20/05/1979 in England.

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