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Paul Be walked the Michael Line, from Norfolk to Cornwall on stilts.

'29th September – 23rd November 2013

Paul Be, a resident of Glastonbury, undertook a mammoth Pilgrimage, walking the Michael Line from Hopton on Sea in Norfolk to St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall. A feat many have undertaken but the unique aspect of Paul's journey was that he did it on stilts! His journey was undertaken to heighten awareness of the spirit of Harmony and Togetherness and to raise funds for Shelter, a charity that helps homeless people.

Before undertaking the journey, Paul said; "I am an Ex Royal Marine commando and in 2007 found myself without a home. The pain, suffering, loneliness and struggles that I felt through those years, I wish personally for no one else to ever have to experience. I eventually realized I had been deeply depressed, and it took me until the end of 2011 to finally get my life back on track and find my feet again. I found my way back into society through a number of spiritual awakenings. Certain people were able to give me hope, and the nature was my main guiding principle and medicine. I aim to raise a wareness for the spirit of the Earth and to call for the need to return towards a state of harmony with nature and each other."

The tiny tea light, lit from the Glastonbury Unity Candle, burns on the altar in the chapel on St Michael's Mount, Cornwall.

Before settling off on his epic journey, Paul visited Glastonbury Pilgrim Reception Centre. Morgana West lit a tea light from the The Glastonbury Unity Candle which, along with a blessing for his journey, was given to Paul to carry with him on his pilgrimage. Arriving on St Michael’s Mount, his final act was to place and light the tea light, lit from the Unity Candle, onto the altar in the tiny chapel, especially opened by Lady St Levan, so that Paul could complete his pilgrimage.