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Glastopedia is an online encyclopedia based upon the principles of Wikipedia but with the specific purpose of recording past and present, people and activities, in the town of Glastonbury, Somerset UK.

The long-term objective for Glastopedia is to establish a useful community project owned by the community. For this to be achieved we need to establish a worthwhile and interesting site and to define how it can be made to be financially sustainable.

For this initial work, the site is owned by Savaric Whiting, who are providing the basic funding, whilst most of the work is being done on a voluntary basis. This means that we are limited in the rate at which we can build the site – but we believe that in due course we will have something that can be recognized as of value.

We have thought about how best to finance the site. Initially we think it best to follow the policy of the founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales - to work on a donation basis only and not to seek advertising or make specific charges.

To maintain the site, and to ensure a sustainable future, it will be necessary to prove to the community that Glastopedia is something of value and worthy of support. And this will only be possible once we have built the site sufficiently for it to be of genuine interest

We have the funding in place to support our initial work, but the whole process would be quickened up if we were able to enlist more help in the way off research and editing. Some of this may have to be paid but at present we do not have the resources to do this.

So there are two ways in which you could support us in these early stages.


You could make a donation – a donation of any size will be gratefully received, no matter how small – nor how large ! All donations received will be used only for the development of Glastopedia.

Voluntary Time

At this stage we cannot afford to pay people, but if you were able to offer your experience, as a volunteer, to help with research, copy-writing or editing, then this is something which could potentially be a considerable help.

If you would like to discuss this with us, please contact our manager David Prince at Webmaster