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Glastopedia is an online encyclopedia based upon the principles of Wikipedia but with the specific purpose of recording past and present, people and activities, in the town of Glastonbury, Somerset UK. The long-term objective for Glastopedia is to establish a useful community project owned by the community. For this to be achieved we need to establish a worthwhile and interesting site and to define how it can be made financially sustainable.

The site has been dormant for a number of years but we are currently carrying out an active research program into how best to develop the site and to generate sufficient income to make it financially sustainable.

The key question is how to generate useful income. One thought is that we should follow the policy of the founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales - to work on a donation basis only and not to seek advertising or make specific charges. This works with Wikipedia as it is now firmly established and has many thousands of contributors and supporters. This is unlikely to be the case with Glastopedia which at best will have a few dozen supporters. Nonetheless a useful additional income may well come from ongoing donations from people who like and believe in the site. We might also consider making a modest charge for new entries on the site.

Another possibility is to take on board some advertising – this may be for sponsors or patrons who would like to support the site and for some local projects that would find the publicity useful.

Or we could sell something through the site.

We are currently investigating these possibilities and plan to build to put together a clear idea of what we are seeking within the next month or so.

We are actively researching both the content of the site and funding. If you would like to help us with this research project, please contact us on the email below