Stik in Glastonbury

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Just off the High Street can be seen an original mural by the graffiti artist Stik. In 2010, there was wide-spread outcry when three figures painted on a graffiti-prone wall off Glastonbury High Street were defaced by vandals. Shortly afterwards, the entire piece of work was painted over by Glastonbury Town Council, to the dismay of local residents. However, shortly before the Glastonbury Festival of that year, Stik returned and recreated his art.

London-based Stik has created urban art in some of the world’s major cities, such New York, Tokyo and London. One of his London installations can now claim to be the tallest street art in the UK, at 125 feet high.

Once homeless and constantly evading police, Stik’s works are now bought by celebrities such as Elton John, Bono and Queen guitarist Brian May.