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Sig Lonegren

Early Life and Education

Sig Lonegren was born on July 4th, 1941 in Montclair, New Jersey, USA, and moved when he was seven to the country where he lived on a big farm. As a result, he had always been a country boy.

Sig had a “checkered academic career” (his mother’s words) due to what he discovered in his mid teens was dyslexia. He was fortunate enough, in the late fifties, to discover a school for dyslexic boys in western New York, called the Gow School.

In the late fifties, his Mother taught him to dowse - looking for the pipe that brought water into their home, but he didn’t really pick up on it for another ten years. Meanwhile, he went to Middlebury College in Vermont where his “checkered career” continued, and as a result, he dropped out after his Junior year and enlisted in the US Army and served as a German translator in Berlin in the oxymoron called Army Intelligence. He returned to finish his senior year and graduated in 1969.

Discovery of Dowsing

Around the time of Sigs graduation from college, he really became interested in dowsing in sacred space, and as a result, he went for a Masters’ Degree in the Study of Sacred Space in 1979.

Sig studied and dowsed underground stone chambers all around New England that conventional archaeologists called “colonial root cellars” only they were built using sacred geometry, were oriented towards significant horizontal (usually) solar events like the Winter or Summer sunrise, the Equinoxes, and what are called over here in Britain, the Celtic CrossQuarter Days of Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane and Lughnasad.

Sig read about ancient sacred sites all over the world from Inca and Mayan sites, through Native American sacred places to places in Europe. In the nineteen-seventies, the best books written on this subject came from the British Isles - John Michell’s[1] 'View Over Atlantis' was a real eye opener to him, and there were many more.

Geomantic Activities in Avalon

Sig first came to Glastonbury after an Earth Mysteries Conference in York where he met Jamie George who invited him to come to a Samhain Gathering in the Assembly Rooms. It knocked his socks off! It was there that he met a number of Glastafarians who were to become very important in the years that followed: Palden Jenkins, Kathy Jones, Diana Griffiths, Ann Morgan, Charley Barley and Nicholas Mann to mention but a few.

Sig moved to the Land of Avalon in 1985 where he wrote his first book 'Spiritual Dowsing' for Gothic Image.

In 1980 - 1989 Sig was doing Glastonbury Camps - Palden Jenkins and others organised the first Earth Mystery Camp in a farmer’s field in Butleigh in 1986. He felt that he was born again at that camp; he had found his new family. It was there that he built his first labyrinth in Britain using a lawn mower.

Sig worked with the Oak Dragon Camps in the late eighties, and he was fully involved in them, teaching and helping to form the philosophy of the camps. He remembers that one of the most important rules (at least from his point of view) was that anyone caught saying that their point of view of certain parts of history was the only valid one, was asked to leave.

In 1990 – 1999 Sig worked on the apprenticeship Program with Patrick MacManaway and he co-taught this once a month year long school in the Earth Mysteries: Archaeo-astronomy, sacred geometry, the Earth Energies, archaeology, and revisionist her/history. After this school ended, the students formed the Geo Group, which runs to this day. It is a professional Support group for Geomancers that meets several times a year near sacred sites all over Britain.

The Glastonbury Assembly Rooms had been very important to him in the eighties, and in the nineties, he joined the Board and brought the rooms through a difficult time when funds were low, and the group of people who came was changing.

From 2000 – 2009 Sig served on the Board of Chalice Well. During this time he ran a Geomancy School for the first three years of this century. It was called the Apprenticeship Program, and after it ended, the students voted to continue meeting (usually twice a year at sacred sites from Cornwall to the Scilly Islands north of Scotland). This Geo Group is a support group for geomancers who are working professionally in Britain and one in New England in the USA.

Moving away from Glastonbury

From 2009 Sig and his wife Karen slowly moved to Holland finally establishing permanent residence there in 2015.

Sig feels he found his true purpose in Glastonbury and that in many ways, Glastonbury was/is the answer to his dreams. The way he usually put it, he is in an unusual occupation - the creation and use of sacred spaces, and the cleaning of what Roy and Ann Proctor call “cleaning sick houses.”

Even today Sig can walk down the High Street and meet at least five people that he could discuss something in these topics with them. He knows of no other place where he can do this.

In closing it has been his experience over the thirty+ years that he was fortunate enough to live in Glastonbury; that it was full of alternative thinking people who “woke up” and many left their spouses and came to Glastonbury to find what they were looking for. He also found that when they found it, they moved on…

This was so in his case as well. He feels that Glastonbury gave him all and more of what he was looking for, but in the end, it was clear to him that it was time to move on. He shall always cherish his time in the Land of Avalon.


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