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This is a company owned and run by Barry Taylor.

It's objects are:

To help to promote the awareness of Glastonbury as a Centre of Transformation and the role it plays in the world at large.

It does this by offering the following services:

Websites - This is the site that you are on at the moment. It is a web encyclopedia aiming to give useful information on Glastonbury UK, past and present, and the people and projects that are, and have been, involved in this place. One of the objects of this website is to help build a shared vision of the Whole that is the special place. - The home website for Savaric Whiting. - Information on Glastonbury and experience gained in working with spiritually inspired projects in this place. - An outline of the Perennial Philosophy, or Ageless Wisdom, that is held to lie behind all religions and faiths. Brief details of living with these spiritual beliefs.


A Pilgrim in Glastonbury – 2010
Abbey Press – ISBN 0-9533203-6-7

Creating Spiritually Inspired Projects – 2015
New Generation Publishing - ISBN 978-1-78507-208-6


Offers a one-to-one consulting services to individuals working on new projects or enterprises, whether they be self-employed or working through an organisation.

This an advisory service concerned with the fundamental aspects of setting up a new enterprise including finance, legal, staff and general administration. It in no way replaces the essential services of auditor, and legal advisor, property advisor, and all other specialist professions.

For further information contact

Barry Taylor at – savaric