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Glastonbury offers a wide variety of events that fall into three broad categories:

  • Annual events - there are a number of firmly established regular events, including the Goddess Conference and the Glastonbury Crop Symposium
  • Regular events - there are a number of regular weekly and bi-weekly events including those given by the Positive Living Group and the Glaston Centre School School of Learning
  • Occasional events – on most days and evenings in the town are one-off events covering a wide range of activities and areas of interest,

For information on when the events are occurring see:

Below we list established events and one-off events that have contributed to the Glastonbury culture. The links that are coloured blue have a page (complete with content) associated with them, while the links that do not yet have a page connected with them are coloured red. Where there is no content, or links, you are invited to contribute copy for this site. Please read Contributing to find out more.

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