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Dharam Barrett

Early Life and Education

Dharam Barrett was born on 9th May 1978 in Bathgate Scotland, and grew up in the small hamlet of Lamyatt in Somerset. She was educated at Sunnyhill School for Girls in Bruton, Sexeys School in Bruton, Strode College in Street and finally achieving a degree in Media at The University of Bedfordshire in Luton.

Career in the Conventional World

Dharam self funded her way through her University life by working part time jobs doing everything from catering work, to bar work, call center jobs to eventually landing the role as Newsroom Coordinator with the local Anglia Television news desk that served 3 counties. She worked this job 2-3 days a week around her studies and throughout the holidays.

After she graduated she was accepted for a placement on the Anglia Television Academy training scheme as a multi-skilled intern in Norwich, where she learnt everything from editing to sound recording, camera operation and research.

Eventually she was headhunted by ITV’s This Morning program in London and was offered the role on multi skilled junior researcher on the program and within a year was promoted to junior Director. Dharam spent about 9 years in London working her way up the promotional ladder on This Morning but eventually became creatively unchallenged and pretty exhausted and burnt out from the intense work/play lifestyle and life in London and so opted for voluntary redundancy in 2009. After traveling in the States she settled in Glastonbury in 2010 for a somewhat quieter and simpler lifestyle.

Awakening Spirituality

Dharam had always grown up in the watershed of ‘Avalon’ and spent her childhood popping into Glastonbury on day visits, her Mum always joked she would live there one day. Around 2007 she started really becoming aware of personal development and spiritual beliefs and focused on educating herself in different practices for self-improvement purposes. Raised Catholic she now takes on a more holistic approach to life and generally avoids dogmatic belief systems.

Coming to Glastonbury

Glastonbury always held an attraction to Dharam so it wasn’t hard for her to move there. She found it pretty easygoing and a relaxed and fun place to be. The day she decided to live there she also got herself a job in a crystal shop where she continued to work part time for the next 4 years. Eventually in 2011 she became pregnant with her son Noah who was born in July 2012.

Work/Projects in Glastonbury

It was impossible for Dharam to remain a passive inhabitant of Glastonbury. Shortly after moving there after talking to so many amazing people who popped in and out of the shop and inspired by the landscape on her early morning runs up the Tor she started filming and observing her surroundings. Eventually she had so much footage that it made sense to her to try and create a visual record of the story of Glastonbury. Thus was born ‘The Glastonbury Experience’ film project.

Over the next few years she recorded numerous interviews with people from and heavily involved with Glastonbury. She worked with numerous organisations including ‘The Pilgrim Reception Centre’ and even started a crowd funding campaign that raised enough funds to get the film to the editing stage but no further. At that point her son had been born and as a result of relationship difficulties chose to be a single mother and had to shelf the project in order to care for her infant son. The project is now itching to be revived and completed.

Dharam also led the Glastonbury Steiner Free School bid inspired by her own experiences and concerns for her son’s education and future. Leading a team of 18 volunteers they got to the application stage but were derailed at the last minute by government confirmation that it would not be passed due to already having sufficient primary school placements in Glastonbury. She presently (September 2016) lives in Frome for practical reasons but looks to move back to Glastonbury as soon as possible.

Dharam Barrett Author: DB 14.10.2016 Editor – DP 16-Oct-16