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Glastopedia an encyclopedia of information on Glastonbury, past, present and future, in both its aspects, as a market town and as a world recognized Centre of spiritual transformation. There is already a lot of information available on individual websites on specific projects but surprisingly little information about the people involved in starting and running these sites.

We started this project in 2015 and , initially, put a lot of effort into building the site. It soon became clear that this was a very time-consuming process and at least some of the people involved need to be paid. We were reluctant to host advertising and thought it might be possible to support the site with donations, little progress was made with this and in consequence the site languished. we are now putting at an intense effort into seeing whether the site can be built into something genuinely useful to the people of blasphemy and how such a site can be maintained can be sustained in a long-term fashion. if you'd like to contribute in this export procewill be deligIfhted to hear from you – see the email addresses below