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This site uses software similar to that of Wikipedia and is designed to allow individuals to contribute articles direct. For this to work, a substantial editorial staff is needed to check on contributions. At the moment we do not have such a staff so all the articles being added to this site have either been written by us, and we are responsible for the article, or by others, where we show the name of the author and the date of publication at the bottom. Named authors are responsible for their articles and any queries should be addressed direct to them.

At present we are particularly interested in the following:

Articles If you look at the listing on our Home page, you will see that articles are shown in either blue or red. Blue means that the article exists on the site , red means that this is an article we would like to have on the site. If you see an item in red, which you know something about and either have a suitable article or would like to write about it, please contact us. We will discuss this with you, and, if we agree that the article is appropriate, we will publish it with your name as author at the bottom and the date when you submitted it. Any changes suggested to articles will only be made with your authority.

If you are writing about a project, what is interesting is when it started, who started it, its original objects, how it has progressed since the start date, what its objects are today and who are the people involved with it today - and if it has a website, details of the site so that we can set up a link. The same broad details apply if you're writing about a shop, but in this case it will be interesting to know the articles the shop sells, whether it has a web site and if it offers online sales.

Biographies One of the objects of Glastopedia is to provide information on people who have played a part in the development of Glastonbuy.

We welcome new biographies. If you are supplying information on yourself or another contemporary person, what is particularly interesting is - what drew you to the town, what skills and experience you brought with you, the activites you have engaged in in the town, and how this place might have helped in your growth in awareness.

Contributing If you like to contribute an article, contact us at –