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A key part of the purpose of the Glastopedia site is information on the individuals who have played a significant part in supporting Glastonbury and its development as a center of transformation appropriate to the 21st Century.

There is a concept that Glastonbury has an ‘Overlighting Energy’ that is inspiring the development of the town. This energy knows what is needed in the way of people, resources and experience - and it draws these resources to the town. Financial and other resources are essential, but without the people and their experience nothing could be built.

We think it is interesting to explore the experience of the material world that people are bringing to Glastonbury, the manner in which they were inspired to come to the town, their experiences once they arrived, and how they have used the practical experience gained in the material world in working in community projects in Glastonbury.

In order to accomplish this we are using a pro forma format when asking people to contribute their biographies and this is given below.

Biography Format

  • Early life including date and place of birth.
  • Education.
  • What were you doing (and when) before coming to Glastonbury?
  • Experience and skills you acquired.
  • What ‘called’ you to come to Glastonbury and when did you come to live there?

What have you been doing while in Glastonbury? Did you find it easy to find your true purpose in the town? Please give details such as organisations you were/are involved with and the dates that things began and ended.

Other Articles

if you see on the site a link in red – that is where a page does not yet exist for this particular item – and you know something about it and would like to contribute an article, then we would be very happy to receive this from you. If the article is appropriate, we will publish it with your name as author at the bottom and the date when you submitted it. Articles submitted by you will not be edited or altered by us

Broadly speaking if you are writing about a project and what is interesting is when it started, who started it, its original objects, how it has progressed since the start date, what its objects are today and who are the people involved with it today - and if it has a website, details of the site so that we can set up a link.

The same broad details apply if you're writing about a shop, but in this case it will be interesting to know the articles the shop sells, whether it has a web site if it offers online sales.

Submitting Copy

If you would like to contribute a biography, or an article, or need further information, please contact: David Prince at Webmaster