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Throughout this site we are looking at what can be called the ‘Spiritual Aspects of Glastonbury’ and recognise that we are talking about a numinous, immaterial subject that cannot be proved by contemporary science. Inevitably, therefore, there will be queries by conventional people about the relevance of almost everything we discuss. In fact we have heard perfectly sensible conventional people describing this as all ‘mystical claptrap’. On the other hand, centuries of apparently wise individuals, including such worthies as Plato and Newton, have said that they have experienced, and clearly understood, all the precepts with which we are concerned.

Dictionary definitions of 'Concept' include:

  • An abstraction or generalization from experience or the result of a transformation of existing ideas.
  • An abstract idea: a notion, conception, abstraction, conceptualization; theory, hypothesis, postulation, belief, conviction, opinion, view, image, impression, picture.

There is a wide range of concepts in Glastonbury that accord with these definitions. We have no hesitation in including these here even though they may not be verifiable by current scientific means. We are dealing with a metaphysical world that can only be experienced subjectively by the individual and cannot be objectively tested. Whilst the concepts themselves have very little basis in exact sciences, they nevertheless produces profound spiritual effects in those who engage with the experiences they offer.

Links to a few of these are given below – you might like to add some of your own or build on content already included. The links that are coloured blue have a page (complete with content) associated with them, while the links that do not yet have a page connected with them are coloured red. Where there is no content, or links, you are invited to contribute copy for this site. Please read Contributing to find out more.