Bardic Chair of Ynys Witrin

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Since 2006, a competition has been held to choose the next Bard of Glastonbury. Each chaired Bard holds the post for one year and a day, before setting up a competition to elect a successor. The Chair refers to the position but, in some cases, as in Glastonbury and Bath, there is a physical ceremonial chair which is passed down from bard to bard. There is also a blue ceremonial robe and the ceremonial Silver Branch of Ynys Witrin, which are passed on with the title.

The Bards of Glastonbury

  • 2006 - Tim Hall
  • 2007 - Dearbhaile Bradley
  • 2008 - Ash
  • 2009 - David Reakes
  • 2010 - Tony Atkinson
  • 2011 - Kali Roberts
  • 2012- Gerry Barnett
  • 2013 - Lisa Goodwin
  • 2015 - Therèse Liddy
  • 2016 - Wes White

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