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Avalon Anthem (2014)

Lyrics © 2014 Lynne Sedgmore, Morgana West and Ananda O'Kelly Music ©2014 Sally Pullinger

Flowing from ancient Avalon
Together we dream and we all belong
Open hearts singing pure and strong
Hon'ring our town as we sing along

Unity through community
Is the way we love – the way we live
Unity through diversity
A gift of peace to the world we give

Hear the heartbeat of this timeless land
Feel deep the strength of our maker’s hand
Bards reciting from our myths and lore
Here we are called to be restored


Grace and beauty through the mists are seen
Enter the vale where the Tor soars green
From Holy Springs bless-ed waters flow
Thorn and Oak as one we grow


A Sanctuary in this Sacred Land
All faiths and people – together we stand
A beacon bright to show we care
Candles of light with the world we share

Chorus x 2

Creating the Anthem)

The inspiration behind the Anthem was to create a community song that reflected the uniqueness, beauty, sacredness and spirituality of Glastonbury and Avalon, and a song that could bring the town together.

In 2013, Morgana West, co-founder and manager at the Glastonbury Pilgrim Reception Centre, had a recurring dream about creating a new song for Glastonbury and asked Dr Lynne Sedgmore CBE to produce the lyrics.

For inspiration Lynne meditated, read Blake's song Jerusalem, and walked through all parts of Glastonbury. Over three days the verses and chorus flowed, centred on the powerful theme of Unity through Diversity, as promoted by Glastonbury Reception Centre.

Both Morgana and Ananda O'Kelly helped to further develop the words. The music took longer via a classical version, followed by a guitar version until its culmination into a choral score written by Sally Pullinger for the Avalonian Free State Choir.

Sung for the very first time by the choir, and members of the Glastonbury Community, it was launched at The Glastonbury Frost Fayre on November 29th 2014.

[You tube link to video] of the Avalonian Choir launching the Anthem at The Glastonbury Frost Fayre 2014

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