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This site has been set up with an emphasis on the spiritual aspects of the Glastonbury but is not solely confined to this subject and one of its aims is to demonstrate how each centre and individual is valuable in their own right but is also part of a greater whole. This means looking at subjects with an understanding of the underlying purpose of the place, rather then looking at them only from a historical or archaeological point of view. The site has the huge advantage of being a living record rather than a one-off book. It also has the advantage that it will be possible to record the historical facts on projects whilst the initiators still remember them – and indeed are remembered themselves!

Set up of the Site

Similar to Wikipedia, this is an actively evolving site with an internal search system and is designed to allow ease of use for those who are not knowledgeable about Glastonbury.

Main Page

There is the usual search facility and every page can be found through this. Not everybody accessing the site will know exactly what they are looking for and so to make the site user-friendly, the main page carries a number of sections; each containing an introduction to the subject followed by a list of relevant pages. Clicking on a link in the list opens the page itself.

All pages contain within them additional links, in turn leading to a relevant page. Throughout the site links that are coloured red have no content, while those in blue have content. Where there is no content, you are invited to contribute copy as instructed in the Contributing section of the left hand download list. If you wish to make a suggestion for new links, you are warmly encouraged to do so.

Loading New Entries

Entries submitted by third parties are cleared by the Editorial Team and then entered onto the website by the Webmaster. If you want help in submitting your entry, we offer a service whereby one of our editors talk you about what you wish to contribute, draft suitable copy for your approval, and then load this on to the site. See Contributing


For the peace of mind of contributors, we feel that it is important that the editing and control of the site is seen to be in credible and responsible hands. From the start, the supervision of the site, including editing, record-keeping, accounts, and provision of office and computers has been handled by Glaston Centre Ltd (GCL), a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee with strong links in the local community – our web site is at – Glaston Centre.

The Team

There is a substantial amount of work involved in running this site including research, administration, editing, copy-writing, recording, accounting and site maintenance. The key responsibilities are:

Editor-in-Chief/Managing Editor – Morgana West
Technical Support – David Prince
Accounts and Finance – John Capper
Consulting Editors - Stephanie Mathivet, Krissy Elliott, Rachel Mayatt
Copy EditorsHilary Coombes, Chrissy Heaven, Shoshana Dennis


Work is involved in finding and talking to possible subscribers. If you would like to support us in this aspect, we would be delighted to hear from you.


Please see the link Support Glastopedia


- Admin queries
- Submitting articles
- Concerned about the accuracy or appropriateness of any material on Glastopedia
- To suggest corrections or updates
Email the Managing Editor – Morgana on Admin - with details and please quote sources and references where applicable.

- Technical queries
email David on Webmaster.

- Finance and funding queries email
John on Accounts.