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Adam Stout and BBC interviewer

In 2008, Adam Stout, followed in the footsteps of 18th century John Jackson, of Yorkshire.

Jackson, had learned of The Glastonbury Thorn which flowered twice a year, once at Easter and once again on Christmas Day whilst the fruits of the earlier blossoming were still on the tree. The Calendar Act of 1752 dropped eleven days from the month of September in order to bring it into line with the rest of Europe. Jackson walked 220 miles through the mud and mire to see if it would adhere to Parliament and bloom on Christmas Day New Style, or stick to its principles and blossom on Christmas Day Old Style. It was rumoured thousands of people travelled to Glastonbury to see when the Thorn would bloom.

Adam set off from Woodkirk in Yorkshire and followed the same route, through Barnsley, Birmingham, Droitwich, Worcester, Gloucester, Whitminster, Dursley, Thornbury, Bristol, Chew Magna and Wells, avoiding the major roads, and arrived in Glastonbury on Christmas Eve 2008 to a warm community welcome arranged by Glastonbury Pilgrim Reception Centre.

His final destination was the Thorn in the yard of The Church of St John the Baptist on Glastonbury High Street. He was greeted there by the Vicar of Glastonbury, Reverend David MacGeoch, who cut a flowering sprig of the Thorn and presented it to Adam who nearly missed the blossoming of the flower and received the last bloom on the tree. A carol, created for the occasion was written and performed by Emily Portman.

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